The Introduction of Bollard Lights

February 04,2023

A bollard light is an outdoor lighting device mounted on a post above ground. Traditionally, bollards are cylindrical and rounded at the top. Today's bollard lighting, however, can be cylindrical, square, or any other substantially vertical shape used to accommodate outdoor lighting.




The use of bollard lights


Bollard lights are commonly used as landscape lights to mark the route of roads or sidewalks and to designate the boundaries of any public areas, such as outdoor seating areas.


As landscape requirements for bollard lighting evolve to provide lighting for a variety of outdoor settings, bollard lights have become more complex and varied in shape and design.


Since the bollards are used as outdoor lights, they are designed to withstand seasonal elements. They are made of various metals, concrete and weather-resistant plastics. Bollards can be painted or covered with polyethylene casing for further protection from rain, and sleet. Lighting elements are mounted behind slats or grilles near the top of bollard lights to protect them from the elements. Lighting can be wired, battery-powered, or solar-powered depending on the landscape design chosen for a particular area. Bollard lighting elements can be used to illuminate a path, distributed over an area, point directly down on a prominent architectural feature, or positioned as Illuminates hazards such as steps or curbs. Bollards can be anchored to an upright structure, such as a deck, or set on the ground.


In addition to providing safety lighting, bollard light can also be used to protect structures from impact damage. The cylinders under the lighting stand can be filled with a shock-absorbing material such as sand. In this case, the lights are used to remind the driver of the boundaries of the driving area and, if hit, slow the vehicle forward.