Professional LED downlight project case-Shangri-La Fiji Resort Hotel

August 27,2021

Crossing the embankment of the Fiji mainland, you come to a new world, the Shangri-La Fiji Hotel, a luxury resort hotel on the island of Yanuka. The warm Fijian-welcome makes you feel like you are crossing the tunnel of time to the eternal paradise. Indeed, the leisure pace of life here calms you down physically and mentally.

    ALPHALUCE provides quality architectural lighting solutions for Shangri-La Fiji Resort Hotel. ALPHALUCE combines the customer's engineering to select the most suitable and cost-effective professional LED downlight for customers. For example, we will consider the customer's architectural style, architectural lighting, visual and Other aspects to provide customers with the best. In this project, ALPHALUCE has also been recognized by customers!
Next, please watch ALPHALUCE's professional LED downlight project for Shangri-La Fiji Resort Hotel.


  ALPHA LIGHTING's professional LED downlight project case -Shangri-La Fiji Resort Hotel

  LED downlight  project for Shangri-La Fiji Resort Hotel