Precautions for Installation of Led Underground Lights

February 04,2023

LED underground lights are a new type of buried decorative lamp with super bright LED as the light source and LED constant current drive as the driving mode. Widely used in outdoor lighting such as squares, outdoor parks, leisure places, etc., adding brilliance to life. 




The Features of Led Underground Lights


  • LED underground lights are compact, low power consumption, and long service life. In addition, it also has the advantages of being anti-leakage and waterproof.


  • The LED light source has a long service life. And there is almost no need to change the bulb if there is no accident. Build once, use for years.


  • Low power consumption, no need to pay high electricity bills for lighting and beautification.


  • The light source adopts high-efficiency and energy-saving LED, which has the advantages of high brightness, low energy consumption, large irradiation area, and long life.


Precautions for installation of Led underground lights:


  • Before installing the LED underground light, the power supply must be cut off first. This is the first step in the installation of all electrical equipment and the basis for safe operation.


  • Secondly, before installation, you should sort out the various parts that are used for the lamps and lanterns. LED buried light is a special landscape LED light that is buried in the ground. Once the parts are missing during installation, it is very troublesome to reinstall. So it should be ready before installation.


  • Then, a hole should be dug according to the shape and size of the embedded part, and then the embedded part should be fixed with concrete. The embedded parts play the role of isolating the main body of the LED underground light from the soil and can ensure the service life of the LED underground light.


  • Before installing the LED underground light, you should prepare an IP67 or IP68 wiring device for connecting the external power input and the power line of the light body. Moreover, the power cord of the LED underground light requires a waterproof power cord certified by VDE to ensure the service life of the LED underground light.