Looking for a high-quality outdoor lighting solution?

March 02,2023

Look no further than our spike light!


With a power of 3W and a voltage of DC24V, the spike light offers a luminous flux of 240lm and an IP65 waterproof rating. Its versatile beam angle options (24°/36°) make it the perfect choice for a variety of outdoor applications, from gardens and lawns to paths and shrubbery.


One of the spike light's key advantages is its deep-set light source, which minimizes glare and creates a comfortable and inviting environment. Additionally, our use of industrial-grade powder coating from DuPont ensures that the light will never yellow over time.


But that's not all - the spike light also features a 110° rotating head, allowing you to easily adjust your lighting coverage as needed. Whether you choose to surface-mount or stake the light in the ground, you can rest assured that it will provide reliable and long-lasting illumination for up to 40,000 hours, with a 3-year quality guarantee.


So why wait? Upgrade your outdoor lighting today with our Spike Light!