How To Use Track Lighting Fixtures In Commercial & Residential Places?

April 16,2022

LED lights are the 21st century's greatest innovation in the lighting industry. Within LED lighting systems, there are many different types of lighting that have evolved.


Most of the track lighting fixtures are connected to a single source point i.e track rails. This ensures easy installation and replacement. If every LED light is to be turned on separately, it can get quite hectic. Although, this can be executed for people who want to own that control over the lighting patterns.


Track Lighting


Track lighting is one of the most common and affordable lighting solutions that has gained popularity quite rapidly. These fixtures are attached on a continuous two-wire track rail (placed anywhere) connected by track connectors. The track is, usually, adjustable and durable, making it quite adaptable to every architectural structure.

Best Ways To Use Track Lighting Fixtures

  1. Track Lights for Minimalism

Minimalism is the lifestyle philosophy that ventures into living with minimal needs & objects around. Track lighting fixtures follow this principle of minimalism, for both commercial and residential settings. A linear track of prime LED track light fits the ideology of minimalism and oozes elegance. With TOUR Series's white & black COB track lights, even the color shade & interior theme complements minimalism.


Track Lights

  1. Focus on the Artwork

Many interiors are focused on one statement art piece or centerpiece. ALPHALUCE's Track lights can intentionally grasp the attention of the visitors to that particular point. The track lighting system is preferred for such instances of highlighting a particular point of the room, like a track light directed towards the colossal abstract painting in the dining area. This will invent curiosity for the magnificent artwork.

 track light


  1. LED lights as Directions

Subconsciously, we all love easy-to-follow directions, and that is exactly what LED track light does. It simply carves out the path for movement. If track lighting fixtures are adopted in a new & large commercial space, it can play multiple roles of directing people, guiding newcomers, and keeping the space organized.

  1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is basically the counterpart of natural light. It is the artificial light that lights up a room. The very dynamic nature of track lighting is that it can function as multiple lighting types and can be used in various techniques.

With a bright track light in the middle of the room, there is enough luminosity for all. Thus, track LED lights can spread ample light in a closed space. Track lights are quite powerful, lasting up to 100,000 hours. This means that you can use track lights as the primary source of lighting, without the need for any alterations or adjustments. 

  1. Wall Washing Effect

Wall washing is a technique in which it appears as if the light is washing down the wall in an equal proportion. The wall washing effect can be created by strategic placement of track lights as well. You can explore different angles and even try different colors, on either a plain wall or a wall with a statement artwork. The wall washing effect is mostly observed in royal places such as art galleries and museums. It is an imperial part of interior decor.

  1. Halo Effect

The Halo effect is, foremostly, a circular structure of lights representing a halo. Such an effect is quite lucrative in dim-lit rooms. For entrances, receptions, and waiting lounges, the halo effect leaves a great impact with its graceful design. This interesting halo effect can be created using these track lighting fixtures. The trick is to smartly configure the position of the lights, as per the dimensions of the room.

  1. Hallway Lighting

In many intense movie scenes, we have followed the protagonist through a well-lit hallway, leading to a place of wonder. Such a hallway is not far-fetched. If your office or house has many hallways, you can use track lights to guide the people through these corridors. It can be a linear lighting pattern or follow absurd mismatched angles to create an artistic effect.

  1. Wall Grazing Effect

ALTR0080 - TOUR is somewhat similar to the wall-washing effect. The core difference herein is that the walls here are textured. The lights are used to retain the focal point to the texture of the wall. It magnifies the aesthetics of the texture of the wall and increases the cosmetic value of the space. So, track lights can be used to anchor importance to the wall.

  1. Track Lights as Task Lighting

Task Lighting is a system of lighting wherein the lights are directed towards certain elements reflecting different tasks, for example – lights above the dining area to define the eating zone. Task lighting is extremely effective in commercial places, such as restaurants, salons, bars, etc. These indicate zones of privacy as well as add glamour to that area. LED spotlights & track lights are a perfect fit as task lights.

  1. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is focused lighting. In general, track lights are great for the purpose of accent lighting. Many interior designers use LED track lights for creating multiple focal points. With the adjustable lights option, there is a great deal of freedom in positioning the lights. Track lights can be adjusted as per the needs, like using a single set of track lights for a dual working station. This turns out to be extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

 Track lights

  1. Track Lights for Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is a recent development in lighting technology. Mood lighting means the lighting system that correlates with the overall mood (ambiance) of the room. For example, warm light soothes the mood of the person whereas bright white light enhances productivity. Nowadays, there are track lights with mood-lighting features. Just in case you want to learn more about mood lighting, you can refer to our mood lighting guide.

  1. Hanging Track Lights

If there are high ceilings in the working space, you can opt for hanging track lights. These lights can act as mini chandeliers, with strong cables to hold them together. Hanging lights amplifies the decor of the place and exhibits qualities of opulence. These can be used in both formal and informal spaces – the colors and designs can be chosen accordingly.

  1. Color Contrasting

Track lights can be used for color-contrasting as well. Track lights are available in different colors. Different shades can be contrasted to create a dynamic coloring effect. With the use of structured colored track lights, your room will brighten with dynamic shades. Color Contrasting is notable for children’s rooms, official dining areas, creative zones, etc.

  1. Track Lights as Dividers

Track lights can be used for color-contrasting as well. Track lights are available in different colors. Different shades can be contrasted to create a dynamic coloring effect. With the use of structured colored track lights, your room will brighten with dynamic shades. Color Contrasting is notable for children’s rooms, official dining areas, creative zones, etc.


Track Lighting


Places Suitable For Track Lighting

  1. Corridors

A lamp or two is not enough to light the whole corridor, however, the track light is a perfect savior in this condition. Now easily accent the dark hallways in your abode or office with the track light. Let the lights follow you and illuminate your path with a uniform glow and one switch on/off feasibility.

  1. Guest Room

If you too love a subtle indirect light in your guest room, this can be the best choice. Try fixing it near the wall while focussing on where artefacts and some of the attention-seeking items are placed. Isn’t it a perfect fixture for this purpose apart from wall spotlights?

  1. Museums

Be it your perfect painting or the exceptional wall-art, the track light can make any corner worth all the attention. This way, you can add a dramatic touch to any corner and make your gallery look just perfect and worth flaunting.

  1. Retail Stores

Retail stores are one of the most common places where track lighting is installed. Having 6-7 feet tall racks on both sides of the walkway, it becomes difficult to depend on ceiling lights to illuminate the whole area. Here, these come into play, having an omnidirectional feature, these lights can be installed in the center of the ceiling area on track rails with their face directed towards both the racks.

  1. Hallways

This is one of the best budget-friendly options when it comes to long hallways. So installing them in your hallway will prove to be the best decision you will ever make!

  1. Kitchen 

The kitchen is the chief area wherein track lighting can re-do the entire look of your kitchen. With lights following areas for baking, heating, cutting, eating, etc, your kitchen gives out a 3D effect. These lights should be used in combination with natural light – enhancing the impact of the sunlight through the windows.


Kitchen  Track Lighting


ALPHALUCE’s Got Track Lighting Fixtures For You Too!

ALPHALUCE offers different types of track lights that can be used in any of the mentioned ways. Our track lights are extremely energy-efficient, effectively heat-resistant, and durable. These lights can fit in any area, and blend in naturally. They are easy to install, with an added 3 years of replacement warranty.

ALPHALUCE, also, has a team of expert lighting designers and consultants that can help you in deciding the most efficient and reliable option for your space. Be it professional working zones or warm small houses, ALPHALUCE has a plan for all! You can contact us.