Designing the Perfect Lighting Solution for Private Residences

March 07,2023

As an interior lighting designer, my goal is to create a lighting solution that complements the design and style of a home while providing the perfect ambiance and function. The MOON series, trimless downlights, and recessed downlights from Alphaluce are the perfect fixtures to use in a minimalist design.


For our recent project, a 330-square-foot private residence, we used a combination of these fixtures to achieve the perfect lighting solution. The MOON series was used in the living room and bedroom to create a soft, comfortable ambiance. The grey trimless downlights were used in the kitchen and hallway to provide task lighting, while the white recessed downlights were used in the bedroom to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.


One of the key features of the Alphaluce fixtures we used was their adjustability. The vertically adjustable and horizontally rotatable styles allowed us to meet different functional requirements, while the narrow or borderless design integrated with the ceiling after installation to meet the minimalist space.


The beam angle of 15°/24°/36°/55° provided by the fixtures allowed us to direct the light exactly where it was needed, while the deep hidden anti-glare design minimized the glare and improved the comfort of the light environment. With a lamp power of 10W, the fixtures provided ample lighting while being energy-efficient.


In summary, the Alphaluce MOON series, trimless downlights, and recessed downlights were the perfect lighting fixtures for our recent project, providing the perfect blend of style, function, and efficiency.